“Dr. Hanania and the staff are very nice and professional. They offer a variety of dental services. They have TV's in patient rooms to help you relax. The staff entertained my daughter and let her "assist" with my cleaning, lol which she loved while we watched TV.”
Summer M.

“I loved the experience I had at Dr. Hanania's office. We have 4 children ages 4-13, of which are very scared of any doctor. The staff at Dr. Hanania's office is superb. They are very kind and patient with children. They are always very nice and polite and full of smiles when you go in for your appointment. They make it very easy to visit the dentist and somewhat look forward to it knowing that the treatment you will receive is delightful. The doctor is top notch as well. He knows how to talk to kids and treat them as they can be very scared to see him. I would recommend anyone who has children to take your kids there and you will see what I am talking about. They are great for adults too.”
Todd L.

“Super friendly staff. I have a difficult daughter who hates the dentist but the staff at Dr. Hanania took their time and patiently worked with her. They were able to coax her in the chair and do her cleaning. Amazing! You can tell by just sitting in the chair that they have a cohesive staff who help each other out. Dr. Hanania will not steer you wrong. He tells you if a particular dental treatment is needed or not needed. I would highly recommend the services at Hanania Dental.”
Sandra A.

Hanna G. Hanania, DDS, PC

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